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To Regular Folks who Want a Fair and Transparent Tax System

We need money to get your Georgia FairTax bill ready for the 2020 legislative session. We need $30,000 by December 1, 2019 to rework the previous bill, submitted 3 years ago. Georgia’s current tax system is one of the most complex in our nation. There are over 159...

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Psssst! Here’s a secret – NO Corporation Pays Taxes

  Americans aren’t very happy about taxes. A Pew Research survey conducted in April 2017 shows that tax reform ought to be pretty high on every politician’s list of priorities. Will any meaningful reform happen? That remains to be seen. When it comes to...

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Rob Woodall Advocated for the FairTax® on Tax Day

On April 15th, the traditional day that Federal income taxes are due, The Gwinnett Daily Post published an article by Rob Woodall, Georgia's 7th District US Congressman, in which he promoted the FairTax to replace the income tax. Rep. Woodall introduced HR 25, the...

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Will Trump listen to Pence?

The primary role of the US Vice President is to be prepared to take over the role of President should something happen to POTUS. In the case of tax reform, President Trump would serve the country well to delegate the job of tax reform to his Vice President. Pence is a...

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VAT is a poor substitute for the real thing

Rumors are afoot that the Trump administration is considering a Value-Added Tax, or VAT, as a possible component of its tax reform efforts. Hopefully, those rumors are not true, especially if imposing a VAT does not include elimination of the Federal income tax. In...

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Congressional District 6 Debates

On April 18th, the 6th Congressional District is holding a special election to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price who was selected by President Trump as Secretary of Health and Human Services. There are 18 candidates running for this position. Debates are being held...

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Special Election in House District 6

When President Trump nominated Georgia’s Tom Price to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, we were proud to see this Georgian taking a leading role in the new administration. However, there’s one drawback to Price’s new job: the national...

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Special Election in Georgia Senate District 32

When Tom Price was selected by President Trump to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, he had to give up his US Congressional seat.  Judson Hill, the Georgia Senator from District 32 gave up his seat to run for the US Congress and replace...

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Bloodstains and IBM’s Watson

Jerry Seinfeld once spoofed a TV advertisement for a laundry detergent that boasted it could remove blood stains from your t-shirt. Seinfeld quipped that if you have blood stains on your t-shirt, you probably have bigger problems than how to remove them. Not that...

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Legislature Swarms with Pleas for Money

If you’ve never been to the Georgia State Capitol while the legislature is in session, you owe it to yourself to do so. It’s a fascinating view of how our government works – beyond the textbook version we’ve all read in school.    Beginning right after the first of...

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Two FairTaxers® Respond to Inaccurate Article

Mike and Marian Warlick of Dahlonega, wrote a letter to the editor of the Gainesville Times to correct inaccurate information that appeared in an article about tax reform and the state FairTax bill. Their letter appeared on January 13, 2017. Their letter corrected the...

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Tax Preparer/City Councilwoman accused of tax fraud

Income tax is so complicated, most of us turn over the responsibility for preparing our return to a professional tax preparer. Recently, that’s gotten a lot of people in trouble around south metro Atlanta, all because of one “professional” tax preparer. The Georgia...

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