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When Tom Price was selected by President Trump to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, he had to give up his US Congressional seat.  Judson Hill, the Georgia Senator from District 32 gave up his seat to run for the US Congress and replace Tom Price.  This left District 32 without its Georgia senator.

A special election is being held on April 18th to elect a new senator in District 32.  There are 8 candidates running for this senate seat, 3 democrats and 5 republicans. All eight candidates will be running against each other on the same ballot. If no one gets more than 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff election for the top two finishers.

Our challenge as FairTax advocates will be to elect a candidate who will champion the FairTax in the Georgia Senate. How will voters be able to determine which candidates support the FairTax?  We will tell you.  We have sent the candidates the FairTax pledge. This is essentially the same pledge that we have sent to all candidates running for legislative office since 2014.  And we are available to discuss the FairTax in detail with these candidates.

As we receive signed pledges, we will post the name of the candidate on our Facebook page and update the website.  View the full list of candidates below.

If you don’t see a YES beside your candidate’s name, feel free to ask him or her to sign the Georgia FairTax Pledge! 

Let’s make sure that District 32 supports the Georgia FairTax in the Georgia Senate!

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District NumberOfficeNameSigned FairTax PledgeSupport Status
32 State Senate Kay Kirkpatrick Yes Kirkpatrick wants to exempt retired seniors from the GA FairTax. Exempting them would shrink the tax base, which would require the tax rate to increase significantly. GFFT opposes such exemptions.


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