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We need money to get your Georgia FairTax bill ready for the 2022 legislative session.

We need $30,000 by December 31, 2021 to rework the previous bill, submitted 5 years ago. Georgia’s current tax system is one of the most complex in our nation. There are over 159 additional taxing jurisdictions (counties and cities) that will be affected by the State changes, which will give them additional revenue to reduce/end property taxes, replace/repair infrastructure, or end their SPLOST’s early!

How has the tax burden shifted to regular folks and small businesses since 2002?
There were 4 exemptions to the sales tax in 2002 (groceries, prescription drugs, and 2 more). Today, there are over 130 exemptions, mostly benefiting large corporations and other influential groups and putting more of the burden on the little guy. Under the FairTax Model, which includes a prebate to cover taxation up to the poverty level expenses, so there is no need for special interests, as all income is retained by individuals and corporations, and taxes are collected one time upon retail sale or service rendered! Everyone becomes a ‘special interest’!

We need to spread the tax base to cover everyone fairly, including visitors and cash paid labor. Instead of granting tax breaks to the movie industry, for example, why not give everyone a tax break by replacing the state income tax with an all-inclusive consumption tax? That’s the most effective way to bring power back to the people, and take back control!

Competing with special interests – interests that thrive under the current system – requires money and willing volunteers to help spread the word.

We have established a tax-exempt platform, The Georgia FairTax Forum, so that donations can be tax deductible, leveraging the current system to our advantage. You can chose to donate to that platform if you need the tax benefit, and us the current system for maximum leverage! Just choose the C-3 donation button!

Please consider investing in Georgia’s future with a generous one-time donation, or make a recurring donation, so that we can, together, have the new Georgia FairTax Bill ready before January, and continue the marketing and lobbying effort until we get the Georgia FairTax Act passed!

Remember – there are NO paid members of our team. All of the proceeds go ONLY to expenses of writing and providing education to get the bill passed.

Concerned citizens like you, with your support and vote, become the counter-lobbyist to the special interests.

Please follow one of the links above to donate, and please SHARE with your friends and family.

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