Would you like Georgia to become a FairTax State?

We are currently working on creating a bill that would make Georgia a FairTax state. Click to learn more and to contribute to our efforts.

Economic Growth

The FairTax gives you more money in your pocket each month, which will increase spending, helping business to grow and provide more jobs.

Everyone is Equal

A fixed sales tax rate means, everyone purchasing new goods and services in the United States will pay their fair share of taxes.

Simplify Taxes

Tax Day will be a thing of the past. FairTax provides a consistent income to fund the United States Government.

It's Nonpartisan

The FairTax was born of American innovation and the belief that there is a better way to fund the government.

News Update

Treasurer Opening

Time Requirement: 5 Hours/Month The volunteer for the role of treasurer should be proficient in the use of computer technology and have reasonable knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, familiarity with QuickBooks Pro, Microsoft Excel and Word,... read more

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Georgia for FairTax is a 100% grassroots effort fueled by volunteers. Whether you can volunteer your time, specialty services, or money, the FairTax movement needs your contribution.