Would you like Georgia to become a FairTax State?

We are currently working on creating a bill that would make Georgia a FairTax state. Click to learn more and to contribute to our efforts.

Why should we pass a FairTax bill?

Simplify Taxes

Our country is awake and no longer blind to the burden brought upon us by the current tax system – an almost incomprehensible document with over 73,000 pages of loopholes and traps.

Economic Growth

Georgia’s businesses drive our economy by providing the jobs, goods, and services we need. That gives you, the business owner, a very powerful voice.

Everyone is Equal

Hard working Americans, tax dodgers, drug dealers, tourists, and illegal aliens all pay the FairTax, so paying taxes is no longer left up to the American worker alone.


It is not the brainchild of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, or any other political party. The FairTax was born of American innovation and the belief that there is a better way to fund the federal government.

GFFT Goes to the Fairs to Promote FairTax®

Remember the classic Willie Nelson song? Georgia FairTax advocates were glad to be “on the road again” in October and November, traveling to Moultrie for the Sunbelt Agricultural Expo, to Lawrenceville for a GOP Chili Cook-Off, and will be on our way Bostwick for our... read more

The Georgia FairTax®: Accept No Substitutes!

Philip L. Hinson, CPA Georgians for Fair Taxation (GFFT) has been hard at work on a state tax reform proposal modeled after the national FairTax proposal, which enjoys widespread support in Georgia. Although the model would work somewhat differently at the state level... read more

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

  As the 2016 presidential campaign gathers momentum, candidates are offering several flavors of tax reform; several of them are promising to eliminate the IRS; and all of them are saying their plan is the best. Only one candidate wholeheartedly supports the... read more

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