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Political Support

We recognize the politicians who support the FairTax®.

Georgians for FairTax is a grassroots, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization. We believe that the FairTax offers the best alternative to the current bloated, incomprehensible Federal tax code and that the FairTax will promote accelerated growth and greater prosperity for the US.

We do not endorse particular candidates for office. We do, however, point out their positions regarding tax reform and their ideas for economic growth, and we grade their degree of support for the FairTax. We also update the general public about statements, appearances, and other opportunities for people to form their own judgments regarding elected officials and candidates for office in Georgia.

Do your elected officials support the FairTax? will continually review the support each elected official from Georgia has demonstrated for the FairTax. We’ll give them a grade of A through F reflecting their position on the FairTax.

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