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When David Perdue first began his campaign for the US Senate, he admitted he didn’t know much about the FairTax. What he did understand very clearly is that our current tax code is a drag on our economy and makes the US much less competitive in the world market.

Georgians For Fair Taxation (GFFT) contacted him to gauge his support. He was intrigued by the idea and spent time studying the plan. His background in international business probably enabled him to grasp the merits of the FairTax very quickly. He compiled a list of insightful questions. GFFT volunteers met with him on several occasions to answer those questions and discuss more detailed aspects of the FairTax.

After those discussions, David Perdue not only said he would support the plan, but signed a pledge to do so. He’s been true to his word. Shortly after being sworn in, he became a lead sponsor of S. 155, the FairTax Act 2015. But not only has he taken that step, he’s actively promoted the FairTax to his colleagues and the public. In early May, he issued an opinion column that was published in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution making the case for the FairTax. That column appears at this link.

GFFT applauds Sen. Perdue’s support and you should too. Our senior Senator, Johnny Isakson, is once again a co-sponsor of the FairTax. Be sure to contact their offices to express your appreciation for that support.

The current bill in the House (HR. 25) has 74 co-sponsors, including the following Georgians: Rep. Rob Woodall, Rep. Tom Price, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, Rep. Tom Graves, Rep. Doug Collins, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, and Rep. Jody Hice. If you live in one their districts, be sure to let them know you support the FairTax.

The following Georgia Congressmen are not yet on board with the FairTax: Rep. Rick Allen (R), Rep. Sanford Bishop (D), Rep. Buddy Carter (R), Rep. Hank Johnson (D), Rep. John Lewis (D), Rep. Austin Scott (R), and Rep. David Scott (D). These folks need to hear from you. Send them an email, write a letter, call their office, meet them in person, however you choose, but don’t be silent!

The more they hear from you, the more likely the FairTax will become law. 


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