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How do we pass the FairTax® Act?

How do we pass the FairTax?

That’s easy. You’ve got to get involved.

Getting involved doesn’t mean marching on the Capitol. Getting involved is as easy as letting your elected officials know you support the FairTax. Start with your Georgia Congressional Districts. Call. Write. Email. Use whichever contact method works best for you, and let your elected officials know you want a better tax system. Let them know today that you want to pass the Fair Tax Act. Legislators do pay attention to their constituents.

Learn more about the Fair Tax and then talk about it with your friends. The more people learn about the details of the FairTax, the more they favor it. If we get more people to support the FairTax, we can create a groundswell of support that our legislators cannot ignore.

Schedule a FairTax speaker to meet with your friends, employees, or social club. Spreading the word will increase grassroots support for the bill.

Do your elected officials support the FairTax? will continually review the support each elected official from Georgia has demonstrated for the FairTax. We’ll give them a grade of A through F reflecting their position on the FairTax (see grade definitions below). To see where your representative stands on the issue of tax reform, simply click here and select your district.


Prominent, specific, and clear preference for the FairTax on website, in materials, and at appearances, plus co-sponsor if an incumbent


Mention of FairTax support in some materials and website, but not a clear, specific preference over other tax reform ideas, plus a co-sponsor if an incumbent


In favor of tax reform with no preferred plan, not a co-sponsor if an incumbent


Vague references to tax reform, not openly critical of the FairTax, not a co-sponsor if an incumbent


Openly critical of the FairTax and not a co-sponsor if an incumbent or no mention of tax reform as an important issue at all

How do I know which Georgia Congressional District is mine?

To find your representative, click below, look for your county and choose the number corresponding to your county/location color.

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