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Your help is needed to make change happen.

About Georgians for Fair Taxation

Georgians for Fair Taxation is a non-profit , non-partisan, all volunteer organization.  Taxing consumption, rather than income is a far better way to create more jobs, boost take home pay, and make the US and Georgia more attractive places for business owners and entrepreneurs to invest.  We are not a front for any industry, government entity (domestic or foreign), political party, labor union, association, candidate, or secret benefactor pulling strings for their own gain.  We have no paid staff, no offices, and do not reimburse our volunteers for their expenses.  Our sole purpose is to create a brighter future for all Americans.


GFFT is the largest FairTax® organization of any state in the US. We have three members on the board of directors of Americans for Fair Taxation, the national organization that supports the FairTax®.


Passage of the FairTax® or the Georgia FairTax bill won’t happen without your help.  Lot of special interests resist to changing the tax code or want it changed just for them.  The FairTax® eliminates coveted loopholes and discourages cronyism.  It wipes out the complexity that insiders use to rig the system.  Citizens like you are the only force that will make real tax reform happen.


Explore this website to learn more.  If you haven’t already, sign up to receive important news about our effort.

We do not sell, rent or provide your contact information to other organizations.  You can help.  Here’s how:

  • Donate to our cause
  • Volunteer
  • Tell your elected officials that you support these two important pieces of legislation.


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