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As the 2016 presidential campaign gathers momentum, candidates are offering several flavors of tax reform; several of them are promising to eliminate the IRS; and all of them are saying their plan is the best. Only one candidate wholeheartedly supports the FairTax® as a key component of his platform. Don’t the others understand?

Apparently not. Most candidates who talk about abolishing the IRS still believe they can do so without tinkering with their treasure chest: the income tax gravy train that enables them to accumulate campaign cash in return for tax loopholes. When they mention a flat tax, or a flatter tax, or a “fair and flat tax,” or a simpler tax, they all conveniently omit a key word: INCOME. These proposals are income taxes. One candidate even believes increasing taxes on corporations is the answer, conveniently forgetting that corporations don’t pay taxes! Ultimately the American people pay all corporate taxes when they purchase goods and services. Our 35% corporate tax rate, the highest in the world, drives businesses away, and that costs us jobs.

As a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) corporation, Georgians for Fair Taxation does not endorse candidates, but we can let you know which ones have embraced the FairTax, and we can provide ammunition to help you explain to your families, friends, and neighbors why a flat INCOME tax can’t and won’t eliminate the IRS. This short video  provides an easy to understand – even entertaining – explanation of why a flat INCOME tax won’t eliminate the IRS. Watch it. Then add it your information arsenal. Share it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, email it. Do whatever you can do to promote the FairTax as the only true solution to our disastrous income tax system. The FairTax is the only tax plan that will eliminate the IRS!

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