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This is a big dealHerman Cain, national radio talk show host and former presidential candidate, has announced that he will initiate a “national replace the IRS tax code campaign, a campaign that Washington will not be able to ignore. To tell Herman which new tax code plan he will champion, we need to go to his web site and vote for the FairTax.  Herman said that he would put all of his resources behind whichever tax code plan gets the most votes.


The largest vote getter among the following three tax plans will be the one that Herman champions in his national campaign:

  1. A Flat TaxIt is still a flat income tax and requires the heavy-handed IRS to stay in power.  All income taxes are job killers.  So, nothing changes with a flat income tax.
  2. Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan One of the 9’s is a personal income tax and requires the IRS to stay in power.  A second 9 is a European style VAT tax on businesses — politicians love the VAT tax because the taxes are hidden in  the cost of the product or service and can be easily changed.
  3. The FairTax — It provides very strong economic growth, creates a massive number of new jobs, revivies the “made in America” brand, and eliminates the IRS. And it takes the power of the tax code away from Congress.


It is critical that the FairTax win this vote by a landslide and with your help it will. 


To Vote, go to:


and select FairTax.   The web page says that you have to “register” and “opt-in” for your vote to count, but that after you vote you can then opt-out.


Vote for the FairTax and encourage all of your friends to do likewise.

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Georgians for Fair Taxation is one of this Nation’s largest and strongest FairTax advocacy organizations and we are in need of your financial support. You may “vote with your pocketbook” by donating at:


GA Fairtax Org


Given the events of the last month or so (IRS Scandal, Georgia Senate FairTax Committee proceedings, and the grouping of several grassroots organizations around the FairTax initiative), we are in a strong position to make significant strides in implementing the Federal FairTax Act and also a Georgia FairTax plan.  Support us in any way that you can!

Given your support, we have the opportunity to start spreading our message beyond fairs, festivals, and invited presentations, and into the mass media of radio spot ads and other mass media. Much work needs to be done, especially in the southern part of Georgia.



Tom Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Georgians for Fair Taxation


Georgia for FairTax

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