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The Political Realities of Washington

The first six minutes of this video is a very insightful discussion of the Washington political climate and more specifically why, even though the American people say in poll after poll after poll that jobs and the economy are the #1 issue, our policy makers are mostly indifferent to that issue.  This should be, in our opinion, one of the biggest political stories of 2014 and we should see coverage each and every night about it on every media outlet, similar to Benghazi, the lost airliner from Malaysia, or any of the other major political stories.

Only the first six minutes are germane to this issue.


 Georgia for FairTax is a non-profit organization whose all- volunteer supporters understand that the current tax code is terribly flawed and the best alternative proposal is the “The FairTax.”  The fight for the FairTax won’t be easy, but it can be won through your support.  We are truly a grassroots organization.  We don’t automatically support Republicans or Democrats.  Join in and become an active participant in our cause.  It won’t happen without you.

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