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Jim Duffie, State Director for Georgians for FairTax, is running for Georgia House Seat 81! Georgians for FairTax will gain a new advocate for the FairTax and the elimination of the Georgia state income tax when Jim is elected. There has never been a more vigorous supporter of the Fair Tax in Georgia than Jim Duffie. Now is the time for you to get behind a true champion for the FairTax at both the state and national level. You can support him with your vote, campaign donations, volunteer time, or anything else you might do to place a powerful voice for the FairTax in the Georgia legislature.

Duffie has served Georgians for FairTax tirelessly for the past 6+ years –lecturing, educating, drafting legislation, and doing media interviews on the many benefits of the FairTax. His genial style without hype in promoting the FairTax has won over huge numbers of fans throughout the state. He explains how the FairTax will benefit all Georgians in a way everyone can understand.

He recognizes that the FairTax will accelerate job creation and economic growth. Our current Georgia tax code is riddled with tax preferences, set-asides, credits, and exemptions that encourage politicians to play favorites, buy votes, and speculate with taxpayer dollars, i.e. your money. By using your money in this way, the politicians are able to pick the winners and losers. Hardworking Georgia taxpayers aren’t at the table in this game. They just pay the bill.

Georgia taxpayers need a voice for them, not special interests. It’s time for ‘We The People’ to level the playing field and establish Georgia as a magnet for business and industry in order to energize our economy and protect the future for our children and grandchildren.

The legislation for passage of the FairTax in both the Georgia House and Senate of the 2015 General Assembly is being readied. Now Georgia needs leaders who have shown the commitment, knowledge, and leadership to make the FairTax a reality.

Learn more about Jim and his message by visiting his website at He needs your support as he continues his commitment to passage of the FairTax for Georgia.

District 81 is located just east of Doraville around the intersection of I-285 and I-85 in Dekalb County – learn more by visiting the My Voter Page at the Georgia Secretary of State website, .


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