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Tom Kirby, State Representative from the 114th District, chalked up a major victory in the recent elections.

In the last legislative session, Kirby introduced HB335, the Fair Taxation Act of 2014. This act mirrors the national Fair Tax movement in that it would abolish the Georgia state income tax and modify the state sales tax structure to produce the revenue currently derived from the income tax.

The Loganville Republican garnered 75% of the votes cast. Kirby will begin serving his second term in the Georgia Legislature in January.

Throughout his campaign, Kirby stumped for change from an income-based tax code to a consumption-based tax code. Seeing such strong support for a vocal advocate of consumption-based tax reform is yet another sign of the building momentum for this approach. Other states have noticed as well and are pursuing similar legislation to accelerate their economic and job growth. He also received strong endorsement from Governor Nathan Deal, who appeared in person to voice his support for Kirby.

In the 2014 legislative session, Kirby served on the House Subcommittee for Small Business Development and Co-Chaired the Unemployment Subcommittee as well as other assignments. In these roles, he’s been able to focus on the challenges of small businesses and the unemployed. These are two issues that the Fair Taxation Act he introduced addresses head on. Georgians for Fair Taxation is excited that Kirby has been re-elected and look forward to him being a champion of this effort in 2015.


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