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The IRS revelations of recent days and rapidly assembled hearings have politicians of all stripes stumbling over one another to scold the easiest target in the Federal Govt.  The attention drawn to certain IRS practices is well deserved.

But amid the boisterous outrage, keep in mind that the IRS is only the enforcement agent of a set of rules and regulations that virtually no one on the planet understands completely.  The tax code has become a stew of regulatory effluent assembled from bits and pieces of favors, credits, exemptions, and deductions to help the well connnected and penalize those who aren’t.  The whole thing is rotten to the core.

IRS employees do what they’re incented to do, just like people in any other organization, public or private.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone.  They’re not innocents, but they’re not the root cause of the problem. If anyone believes the solution lies with a reshuffling of the IRS org chart or a new set of rules bolted on to the current teetering machinery, then I’ve got beachfront property in North Dakota that may interest you.

The whole tax code needs to be torn out by the roots and replaced with the FairTax.  Simple, fair transparent.  It’s never been more obvious than now.  Will Congress act to address the real problem?  Only if you make your feelings known that you’d like a real solution, not theater.  Contact your elected officials and tell them to pass the FairTax!






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