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Herman Cain, Atlanta talk show host, successful business executive, and former Presidential candidate has rejoined the army of FairTax supporters. He has always been a critic of the tax code, its bloat, complexity, and stagnating effect on the economy.

I have said it thousands of times and I will continue to say it! There is no greater boost to our economy and solving a lot of other problems than replacing the tax code. Period!

During his Presidential bid for the 2012 GOP nomination, Cain polled his listeners to vote for their favorite tax plans. These included the Flat Tax, his 9-9-9 plan, and the FairTax. It wasn’t even close. The overwhelming majority voted for the FairTax. All other plans weren’t even in the ballpark.

Recently, Cain came on the air and exhorted his listeners to get behind the FairTax. On his website,, he urged voters to

annoy the hell out of your representative and senators until they become co-sponsors of the [FairTax] bill. Don’t accept the usual lame excuse of “Yes, I agree; we need fundamental tax reform.” Or, “We will certainly consider this alternative.”

He’s right. Those excuses are sedatives designed to numb the electorate and pretend something is being done when, in fact, nothing of substance is changing.

Anyone who has ever heard Herman Cain speak knows what a powerful and persuasive voice he can be. The fact that he is once again touting the FairTax adds significant force to the growing momentum behind it.

One of Cain’s favorite expressions is “Make sure you’re working on the right problem”. There’s no better example of officials working on the wrong problem than this one. The FairTax cuts through the distraction of IRS hearings, scandals, obstruction, corruption, and finger pointing at evil corporations and the richest 1%.

All of those stories are sideshows. The IRS doesn’t need more money. Retiring, firing, or even jailing a few IRS scapegoats won’t do much. Corporations acting legally in their own self interest don’t need to be penalized. Rich people don’t need to be brought under the yoke of Federal gumshoes. The cause of all these symptoms is the tax code itself that needs to be torn out by the roots and replaced by the FairTax.

There’s tremendous inertia in Washington. The status quo doesn’t budge easily. To borrow another Cain expression, until elected officials feel the heat they will not see the light. You can stoke those flames and make it happen. Let’s not drop the torch until the FairTax becomes law.


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