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Georgia for FairTax

Job Description

Data Records Manager


 Georgians for Fair Taxation has implemented a Customer Resource Management (CRM) software system to manage its database of FairTax supporters. The system, contracted through Trail Blazer  ( ), is designed to provide most of the database management functions normally needed by a non-profit organization or a political campaign.  It stores supporter records and their attributes; it allows for mass emailing to selected groups within the database; it tracks financial donations made through the GA FairTax web site; and it supports event management. The role of the Data Records Manager is to insure the availability and correctness of the supporter information that is collected manually and electronically by our FairTax volunteers. The Data Records Manager effectively “owns” the data, being responsible for its accuracy and availability.

A major requirement of this system is to log and track our FairTax supporters. We presently have about 50,000 records in the system and are adding from 20 to 50 records a week, with occasional spikes of 500 per week several times during the year.  The Data Records Manager is responsible for insuring that these records are correctly entered into the system and made available for general use. At times of high data entry load, the Manager is responsible for recruiting, training and overseeing FairTax volunteers to aid in getting this valuable, time sensitive information into the database. The Trail Blazer software system provides a standard form for data entry and the process usually takes about 2-3 minutes per record.

An additional responsibility of the Data Records Manager is to attempt to recover records that bounce during a mass emailing.  This happens because of data transcription errors and/or the inability of the data logger to correctly read the handwritten email address on a paper form.  This recovery process may require a phone call to the new supporter to correct the address.


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