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Let’s begin with this caveat: Facebook has become the social media platform of choice for Baby Boomers – and maybe our grown kids, the moms and dads of our grandkids. Millennials use YouTube and Instagram as their favored sources of information, and Georgians for FairTaxation is working on that, too. For those of you born between 1980 and the mid-2000’s, watch for new, engaging FairTax messages. Everyone else, this info’s for you.

How many FairTax Facebook pages or sites are there, anyway? Not counting Americans for FairTaxation’s all-encompassing site, FairTax, with152,918 followers, and About Americans for FairTaxation, an automatically generated page “based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic “(2,871 followers), a fairly quick Facebook search found five different groups, each with a specific focus. In addition, nearly every state has its own Facebook page, including Georgia. (If you haven’t already done so, be sure to go to the Georgians for FairTaxation page and “Like” us there.)

Take a look at these groups and join the ones that match your interests. Then invite your friends to join, too. Read on for a short description of the groups, copied directly from their Facebook pages.

FairTax 2012 – 3,561 members – You must request membership and agree to abide by the group’s guidelines, which prohibit posting on any topic not related to the FairTax.

We are the TROOPS for the FairTax Movement. We are the Online foot soldiers who make the FairTax happen. We participate in “FairTax Special Operations and Missions” specifically targeting members of the House and Senate to bring them on board for the FairTax. One co-sponsor at a time.

Electing a FairTax President – 1,179 members

This group is for identifying and rallying behind the most electable FairTax Presidential candidate. The non-partisan gloves are coming off! As individuals, we recognize that the passage of the FairTax will require a President who uses the power of his Bully Pulpit to promote and tout the FairTax to the American People and Congress. We will do everything within our power to help get this candidate elected President. Add all of your FairTax supporting friends to this group.

End Class Warfare – 1,058 members  

Welcome, new member! The FairTax falls exactly in political center between “fears of Global Corporatism,” on the Left, and “fears of Big Government,” on the Right. Working together, as Democrats, Republicans, Independents, we will END CLASS WARFARE by eliminating its source – the Internal Revenue Code, and the income tax system it controls and on account of which opportunity for working families are encumbered while politicians and lobbyists are enriched negotiating tax favors for the the uber-rich, through their corporations, and special tax shelters unavailable to persons of lesser means.

FairTax – the Real Stimulus for America – 7,513 members

“The FairTax is nonpartisan legislation (HR 25/S 13) that replaces all personal and corporate income taxes, all payroll taxes like Social Security and Medicare, estate, gift, capital gains, alternative minimum, and self-employment taxes”

FairTaxNation – 799 members

FairTax Nation is an online community of Americans who support enacting the FairTax. It is the goal of FairTax Nation to enable the strong network of grassroots supporters of the FairTax to connect, organize, and focus our collective efforts to ensure the adoption of H.R. 25 (The FairTax Act of 2009) currently in front of Congress. However, we will not give up until the FairTax is enacted!

Democrats for FairTax – 200 members

The FairTax meets the entire Democratic tax agenda, starting with progressivity.


Why join a Facebook FairTax group? Participating in one or more of the groups is a great way to learn more about the FairTax, connect with FairTax advocates from all over the country, pick up creative ways that you can promote FairTax yourself, “meet” lots of interesting, talented, accomplished people, exchange ideas, etc.

Reminder: if you haven’t yet liked Georgians for FairTaxation’s page on Facebook, do it now!


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