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Data Records Manager

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Complete Job Description

The Data Records Manager reports to the GFFT Chief Operating Officer. The role also is part of the Operating Committee and is responsible for managing the records in the Trail Blazer Campaign Resource Management (CRM) system. The organization’s supporter records are entered from signup sheets obtained by FairTax supporters at Fair and Festival events, the web site, and mailed-in correspondence. This position requires the signing of a non-disclosure agreement because of the sensitivity of supporter and donor information. This appointment is made by the Chief Operating

Core Activities:

  • Become the resident expert on the capabilities and functionality of the Trail Blazer Campaign Resource Management system that houses the organization’s supporter
  • Enter supporter records into Trail Blazer from Fair and Festival Events, from supporter mailed-in information, as well as donor information from PayPal donations. Donors submitting payments through the GFFT website are automatically entered into the Trail
  • Work to validate the supporter information and update the records for key information fields to support the Executive Committee in communicating to supporters about their congressional, legislative, or senate FairTax activities.
  • Work to cleanse the supporter database of duplicate accounts and addresses and make it more reliable for contacting FairTax advocates.
  • Work with Trail Blazer tech support to cleanse the email addresses and improve the ISP reputation for communications going out to supporters via mass email so that the messages reach and are opened by the recipients.
  • Produce informational reports to meet the needs of GFFT Operations from supporters
  • Attend Operational and Executive Committee meetings, normally held on the 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of each month.

Time Commitment: 10 Hours/Month (average)

Personal profile

The volunteer for the role of Data Records Manager should be proficient in the use of computer technology and have reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and SharePoint, and an operational knowledge of database reporting. A working knowledge of relational database structure concepts would be a plus.

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