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Originally posted on January 24, 2013

US Senator Saby Chambliss (R-GA)  accompanied by six other co-sponsors has just introduced S. 122, the Senate version of the FairTax.  This follows on the heels of GA Rep. Rob Woodall’s FairTax bill on the House side.  

Oddly, the other GA Senator, Johnny Isakson, is not one of the co-sponsors this time around.  When contacted, an Isakson staffer said that the Senator wants to keep an open mind and consider all tax proposals.  Isakson has been a Senator since January 2005 and was in the House for almost 10 years before that.  You’d think by now, he would have had ample time to review all sorts of tax proposals and would have decided which one he favors. There aren’t really any more critical issues that affect so many of us as tax legislation. 

Interest in our dysfunctional tax code, and, specifically the FairTax, has been heating up lately.  It appears we’ve finally reached a tipping point where continuing economic sluggishness and citizen frustration over the current tax code has motivated our elected officials to pay more attention to the

This is a tremendous opportunity for Congress to rise up and pass the only REAL tax reform legislation out there – the FairTax.  Will they rise to the occasion, or will they continue to dance the Washington minuet with a little tweak here or there that caters to the desires of the most connected lobbyists? 

A lot of that is up to you.  Unless you want Washington lobbyists to call the shots on major legislation that impacts your life, you must act now.  If you’re a Georgian, contact Sen. Chambliss and encourage him to be a vocal advocate of the FairTax.  Contact Sen. Isakson and tell him to stop waffling and get on board with the FairTax. 

You can also back up your words by helping us continue to fight for your economic prosperity.  Donate to, our all-volunteer group dedicated to passage of the FairTax.  Your future, your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future may depend on it. 

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