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Originally posted on January 10, 2013

The foremost media proponent of the FairTax, Neil Boortz, has submitted a petition to President Obama requesting an hour of the President’s time to discuss the FairTax.  If you’re not familiar with Boortz, he’s the nationally-syndicated, award-winning, enormously successful, radio talk show host from Atlanta.  He’s co-authored
best-selling books on the FairTax and been an electronic megaphone for the cause for many years. 

is retiring later this month.  As a parting gesture, he seized on a promise made by the Obama administration that it would respond to any petition that receives over 25,000 signatures.  Boortz has submitted a  petition to The White House to grant him an hour with the President to discuss the FairTax and is seeking signatures to pass that threshold. 

If the President accepted his request, that would be HUGE!!!.  But even if he doesn’t, if enough signatures are gathered, the Chief Executive has promised a reply.  The time is NOW for all supporters of the FairTax to stand up and be counted in this way.  Tax reform is on the front burner of issues before Congress and the FairTax is getting more attention than ever before. 

How do you register your support for the Boortz petition?  It’s easy!  Click this link Boortz Petition to the White House
and it takes you right to the site to add your name.  It’s a great way of placing the only real tax reform, The FairTax, into the center stage spotlight.   Forward this to your friends as well. 

You can also leverage your support by making a contribution to right on this site.  Click on “DONATE” in the red bar at the top of this page.  We’re a non-profit, all-volunteer organization fighting for one goal, passage of the FairTax.  Don’t let this opportunity slip away.  For the sake of you, your children and your grandchildren show your support for the FairTax now.  

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