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Your help is needed to make change happen.


How does the FairTax® affect you and me?


To put it simply, the FairTax offers you a brighter future by removing the roadblocks to financial success in America. You work hard for your paycheck. Wouldn’t you like to keep more of it? Of course you would. We’d all like to know how to lower taxes and keep more of the money we earn. That’s the beauty of the FairTax. 

With the FairTax, you have more disposable income, because the elimination of income taxes allows you to keep all of your paycheck. There are no deductions from your pay for withholding or payroll taxes. Similarly, by eliminating estate taxes and capital gains taxes, the FairTax doesn’t penalize you for saving money. It’s just the opposite. The FairTax was created to help you achieve your financial goals, which, in turn, creates economic stability throughout the country.

The best part about the FairTax is that you do not carry the tax burden by yourself.

Under the FairTax there is no income tax. Instead, we all pay taxes based on how much we consume. That’s WE. All of us. Hard working Americans, tax dodgers, drug dealers, tourists, and illegal aliens all pay the FairTax, so paying taxes is no longer left up to the American worker alone. It isn’t a matter of us versus them, because we are all in this together. As Americans, it is up to all of us to keep this country running, to keep the lights on, so that Lady Liberty remains a beacon of hope throughout the world. That’s why the FairTax just makes sense.

The FairTax is the only tax plan where each and every one of us pays our fair share.

What to help make a change?

Find a local club, join our mailing list, schedule a FairTax speaker, there are many ways you can help share what you have heard here!


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