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Your help is needed to make change happen.

Georgians for FairTaxation (GFFT) would like your support for two legislative goals:


  • Eliminate the Georgia State Income Tax. Eliminate the Georgia state income tax.  Continue to fund the state government’s activities by broadening the base of the state sales and use taxes, eliminating loopholes, and increasing the rate by 1.6¢ per dollar.  In the 2015-2016 state legislative session, the Georgia FairTax Act of 2016  was introduced that would enact these changes.  It remains to be passed.


  • Pass The FairTax®. The FairTax® will completely replace both the Federal personal and corporate income taxes, FICA payroll tax, gift and estate taxes with a national retail sales tax. It will increase the take-home pay of all workers and relieve taxpayers from the burden of filing income tax returns with the IRS.  The FairTax® is designed to provide the same revenue to the government as is generated by our current tax system with a lot less paperwork and much less intrusion into the affairs of our citizens.  In survey after survey, The FairTax® has been the most popular tax reform proposal anyone has introduced in decades.