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Your help is needed to make change happen.

How does FairTax® affect businesses?

Georgia’s businesses drive our economy by providing the jobs, goods, and services we need. That gives you, the business owner, a very powerful voice. By sponsoring Georgians for Fair Taxation, you send a powerful message to our elected officials.


Business Benefits of the FairTax

Contrary to commonly seen misrepresentation, the FairTax is not “an additional Sales Tax.” The FairTax actually replaces many existing taxes, including the corporate income tax, estate tax, and payroll tax. By simplifying the US Tax Code, the FairTax actually creates a level, but competitive, playing field for all US businesses. Without current tax loopholes, each company will have the same FairTax rate applied to the price of goods at the cash register when sold to consumers. By design, the FairTax Act features the following:


  • Drops the corporate tax rate to 0%
  • Eliminates payroll taxes, allowing reinvestment and the opportunity for more substantial growth
  • Does not tax business to business transactions
  • Creates a level playing field for small, medium, and large businesses
  • Allows US businesses to compete effectively in the world market
  • Closes all loopholes and brings long overdue fairness to taxation
  • Abolishes the IRS

If you’d like to raise awareness of the FairTax at work, at church, or in your neighborhood, GFFT is happy to help. Our Speaker’s Bureau can supply you with talking points, materials, and a firm understanding of why the FairTax makes perfect sense. Or you can have a dedicated volunteer from GFFT speak to your group. To learn more, send an information request to

Become a Partner in Prosperity

We would love to have the support of your business. Learn more about how your business can support FairTax.

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